Data Project Lead

  • Operations [Business]
  • Aalst, Belgium

Data Project Lead

Job description

Are you ready to take the lead?

Great MultiMinds think alike. First and foremost, we believe in unlocking the power of data to help companies and organizations create compelling customer experiences. We also believe in a no-nonsense attitude, trust and independent expertise as a basis for long-term partnerships. MultiMinds is a growing company with 24 exceptional minds and we’re looking to add one to the team.

Everything we do in life can be tackled as a project: building a house, raising a child, riding with your bike to Mongolia … Also at MultiMinds we run a good amount of projects. All different, very diverse and only the projects we want. We won’t attempt to build a house or - perish the thought ! - raise a child. At MultiMinds, our purpose is to enable our business customers to use their own data to improve their customers’ experience.

We believe this: the better you serve your clients, the more they are willing to provide you insights in the way they want to be addressed, the more insights you obtain this way, the better you can serve them, etc… it is an upward spiral and a win-win.

The activities of MultiMinds are all in the scope of this : improving the customer experience with data, therefore all of our projects are about making sure we have the data to do this and use this data appropriately. If we don’t have this data, we do what is needed to collect it. How we activate this data? That depends very much on the use case and the purpose of the business; therefore no 2 projects are the same.

The challenge is to define what data is needed, which tools to use, who can do what, when to do it, how to do it… the whole orchestration to make the machine run smooth. The coordination of these activities, that is the Project Lead’s job. Talk to the stakeholders, identify the tasks, assess the efforts and risks, assign the tasks and make it happen. Build confidence and trust, be a listener for their concerns, be a solution provider, be a sparring partner.

There is a very skilful team of technical and business resources at MultiMinds ready to make it happen, they only need your guidance and command.

Why MultiMinds?

We are a bunch of pirates in the world of big companies.

Our client portfolio is top notch, we are independent from vendors and chose our partners wisely.

We have a strong culture to make things happen, delivery top quality and always deliver.

Our small footprint makes short communication lines possible, from the juniors to the founders, all doors are open.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to take the lead?

Job requirements

Ideally you have a bachelor or master degree but some years of relevant experience and a crush on data are more important! A thorough knowledge of project management methodologies is a minimum. Knowledge of digital marketing and/or analytics is also a very nice to have. 

Oh yes, we like to communicate clearly in Dutch and English. Are you a team player who is able to work independently with a big sense of accuracy? 

A lifelong learner? You must be our new talent that helps us conquer a place on the world map!